Certified Field Dawah Associate (CFDA) certificate

  • *Importance of Dawah
  • *Intro to Dawah Methodologies
  • Fiqh of Dawah
  • Intro to Comparative Religion
  • Many Prophets, One Message

* Mandatory prerequisite(s) required to take next level courses

Certified Field Da’ee (CFD) certificate

  • *Emotional Intelligence: Field Dawah
  • Authenticity of the Quran
  • Misconceptions about Islam
  • Jesus: The Servant of Allah
  • Dawah to Latinos and African American Communities

Certified Field Dawah Lead (CFDL) certificate

  • Dawah Leadership: Benefits & Expectations
  • Logical Dawah
  • Christological Controversies
  • Deconstructing Atheism & Evolution
  • Defending Prophet Muhammad (saws)

Diploma is granted to students who successfully complete and pass all 15 courses

Intro Video of Each Course

Importance of Dawah

Emotional Intelligence: Field Dawah

Dawah Leadership: Benefits & Expectations

Intro to Dawah Methodologies

Authenticity of the Quran

Logical Dawah

Fiqh of Dawah

Misconceptions about Islam

Christological Controversies

Intro to Comparative Religion

Jesus: The Servant of Allah

Deconstructing Atheism & Evolution

Many Prophets, One Message

Dawah to Latinos

Defending Prophet Muhammad (saws)