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Empowering and educating Muslims in the field of Dawah led by ICNA.  A premiere Dawah training platform by WhyIslam and GainPeace.  A collaborated effort with other Dawah initiatives like Ask A Muslim.  Alhamdulillah.

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Face To Face Learning

Courses are interactive and class sizes are limited.  All courses will be offered using state-of-the-art LMS portal

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Network with other like minded students to not only share notes, ideas but also to launch mini-dawah projects

Dawah in Deed

Take your knowledge further by joining Dawah field activities to share Islam with fellow Americans

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Level 1 Courses during Summer Semester

Intro to Dawah Methodologies

There are many approaches to giving dawah; some more effective than others. This intro course dives into the various dawah methodologies and focuses on strategy in conveying the message of Islam with reason and compassion.

Every Thursday
8:30 pm – 10:00 PM EST
May 28 – August 26

Importance of Dawah

Dawah is an integral part of the Islamic tradition. Both the Quran and Sunnah stress on the importance of dawah. The course will introduce how crucial dawah is to a Muslim’s spiritual development as well as the propagation of Allah’s deen.

Every Wednesday
8:30 pm – 10:00 PM EST
May 28 – August 26

Many Prophets, One Message

All the prophets preached and delivered the same message of Islamic monotheism. The course goes into how to conduct dawah in reference to the lives of the prophets, and demonstrate that it was all for the same one message.

Every Thursday
7:00 pm – 8:30 PM EST
May 28 – August 26

Prof. Hijazi

Sh. Isa ibn Matta

Sh. AbdurRahman

Level 2 Courses during Summer Semester

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding the psychological state of those you meet on the field is crucial. Every person comes with his or her own story, baggage, and issues which have led them to their current belief or worldview. This course develops this skill.

Every Monday
8:30 pm – 10:00 PM EST
May 28 – August 26

Misconceptions about Islam

Islamophobia continue to be on the rise as media sources feed false narratives. Topics in this course include effectively responding to misconceptions in relation to women’s rights, human rights, Shariah law, sanctity of life, and more.

Every Tuesday
8:30 pm – 10:00 PM EST
May 28 – August 26

Dawah to Latino and African American Communities

Hispanics and African Americans are the largest growing minorities in the United States and are generally a religiously inclined people. Islam has deep roots in African-American history. Hispanics are also the fastest growing minority in Islam.

Every Saturday
1:30 pm – 3:00 PM EST
May 28 – August 26

Dr. Hernán Guadalupe

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed

Prof Shareef Muhammad

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Overview & Answering Your Questions!

Certification Levels Curriculum

Certified Field Dawah Associate (CFDA) certificate

  • *Importance of Dawah
  • *Intro to Dawah Methodologies
  • Fiqh of Dawah
  • Intro to Comparative Religion
  • Many Prophets, One Message

* Mandatory prerequisite(s) required to take next level courses

Certified Field Da’ee (CFD) certificate

  • *Emotional Intelligence: Field Dawah
  • Authenticity of the Quran
  • Misconceptions about Islam
  • Jesus: The Servant of Allah
  • Dawah to Latinos and African American Communities

Certified Field Dawah Lead (CFDL) certificate

  • Dawah Leadership: Benefits & Expectations
  • Logical Dawah
  • Christological Controversies
  • Deconstructing Atheism & Evolution
  • Defending Prophet Muhammad (saws)
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Diploma is granted to students who successfully complete and pass all 15 courses

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